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Helping you and your family find the health resources you need.

Need help getting healthcare coverage for your family? Want to learn how to live a healthier life? Worksite Wellness LA really knows Los Angeles. There are so many affordable, great services available to you and we’re here to guide you. We offer one-on-one assistance so we get to know you and your family. And we use Health-E-App, an online healthcare application program, so we submit your application quickly and directly to the state. We’re a non-profit organization and all our services are provided free of charge, in English and Spanish.

Enrollment Services

Keeping Your Healthcare Plan

How to Live a Healthier Life


Luis Pardo
Executive Director

Maria Davila-Sotelo

Jorge Valdez

Carmen Ochoa
Certified Enrollment Counselor

Everardo Sandoval
Certified Enrollment Counselor

Ethel Duran
Certified Enrollment Counselor

Halina Fardin
Health Education

Maria Talavera
Health Education

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